HoGS 10th Anniversary Celebration

November is a lucky month with a fifth weekend! This time we are making use of this extra weekend by having a full day of games! That’s right – 11 WHOLE HOURS!

Come and join us at the Lenah Valley Community Hall Meeting Room to celebrate the HoGS 10th Anniversary from midday until 11pm on Saturday the 1st of November. 

Bring friends and family (and some games if you have some) for a day of fun with the lovely HoGS crowd! There is a kids playground and plenty of parking nearby. We will also be having a fundraising BBQ for both lunch and dinner!

$5 entry fee appreciated for all non Supporting HoGS members, OR become a Supporting member, pay the annual fee, entitling you to attend about 50 such events!
Supporting Member annual fees are;
– Concession $24
– Worker $36
– Family $48

We look forward to seeing you there :) …in the Meeting Room around the back of the Lenah Valley Community Hall, 18 Creek Road, Lenah Valley.

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