Here’s where we answer all your questions… we hope! You can find out —

  1. What kind of games does HoGS play?
  2. Where and when are HoGS events?
  3. What kind of people come to HoGS events?
  4. How many people attend HoGS events?
  5. Can I just turn up?
  6. Do I need to bring games?
  7. How much does it cost?
  8. How do I join HoGS?
  9. What else is HoGS about?

What kind of games does HoGS play?

We play pretty much anything. Yep, anything. You bring it, and we’ll play it… probably. Typically we play board games or card games of a genre that most Australians might not have heard of, the sort of games that Good Games and Area 52 feature, stock and sell. They’re diverse, entertaining, and usually quite pretty.

They might include miniatures, or maps, or dice, or cards, quite possibly meeples (little player characters), and usually any combination of these elements, and more.

In other words… think ‘Risk’, bumped up a notch or two.

What we are not is a specific-games club. We don’t ‘do’ games that focus on, e.g., roleplay (Dungeons & Dragons-type games) or miniatures (such as Warhammer) or trading/collectible card games (Magic the Gathering is the biggest of these). 

However, this does not mean that these types of games are never played at HoGS, because they certainly are. They just aren’t played by everybody who’s come to the event.

Basically, what games are played depends entirely on who puts what on the table and attracts players to it. If in doubt, bring your game along and try it out.

You can find recaps of most of our games nights on our Facebook group, or look at Board Game Geek, which pretty much covers every game ever made!

Where and when are HoGS events?

The best way to find out where and when the upcoming HoGS games events are is to check out the Events Calendar on this website, or ‘Liking’ us on Facebook, where our events are also posted.

We host a games event almost every weekend of the year, in a monthly pattern that rolls through Friday and Saturday evenings. Events are scheduled as follows, and start on the first Friday of every month:

  • First Friday of the month (7pm), at the Lenah Valley Community Hall Meeting Room, 22 Creek Rd, Lenah Valley.
  • Saturday 8 days later (7pm), at the Community Hall, 59 Cambridge Rd, Bellerive.
  • Saturday 7 days later (7pm), at the Enterprize, Level 5, 24 Davey Street, Hobart.
  • Saturday 7 days later (4-9pm), at a number of venues, including Good Games (Brisbane Street, CBD), Lenah Valley Community Hall, and the Kingston Scout Hall (Kingston View Drive, Kingston). Check our Events page for details.

For meetings at community halls, we supply free tea and coffee. Players often bring refreshments to share, so there might be chips and biscuits, dips and nibbles, soft drinks etc. Whilst we often have a little wine or beer around, we’ve never seen it abused. Playing our games and imbibing a little too much just isn’t a smart combination!

At our Good Games and New Sydney events, we can order food in-house since both have kitchens. 

In the months with a fifth weekend, we run a special event of some kind. Keep an eye on the calendar and Facebook for details.

What kind of people come to HoGS events?

We’re social players and our primary goal when we get together is to have fun. Ages span about 5 to 75, although the core group of enthusiasts is in their 20s, 30s and 40s. Usually there are more males than females, as is typical in this hobby; but there are quite a number of enthusiastic — and competitive — women who attend regularly as well!

How many people attend HoGS events?

On a typical games night, anywhere from 15-30 people will play in groups of about 3-6, although the night can finish with a game that includes everybody.

Can I just turn up?

YES!  …and you’ll be made to feel welcome.

Do I need to bring games?

No. You’re more than welcome to bring your own games, but it certainly isn’t required. There are always plenty of games to play.

What does it cost?

You can become a Financial Member – details on our Joining HoGS page . Being a financial member gives you free entry to the 50 events (approximately) that we run each year.

If you’re not a Financial Member, we ask for a $5 fee for each event you attend, to help cover hall hire costs.

How do I join HoGS?

Simply turn up at any event and ask to join.  You can easily find one of our nine committee members because they’ll be wearing name tags. They’ll be happy to sign you up!

Alternatively you can head to our Joining HoGS page for information on how to join from the comfort of your own home.

What else is HoGS about?

The first games of what was to become HoGS were played in 2004. In 2010, we adopted a constitution and began to pursue more interesting and bigger things. The annual Hobart Winter Gamesfest began that year, and in 2015 we added the annual Geek Quiz Night to our events diary. With new places to visit and new events to enjoy, we’re always busy with something… but essentially, HoGS is about having fun playing board games!