About us

HoGS is about every person who comes through the door at one of our regular meet-ups or special events. Our club is run by volunteers, including our Committee and others who regularly donate their time to see that the doors are open when scheduled, and closed accordingly, that free coffee and tea facilities are available, and more.

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Meet the 2019-20 Committee


Glen Mackintosh – President

Contact: president@hogs.org.au

For Glen, HoGS is coming back to the games that he remembered as a teenager, playing games of Diplomacy and the original version Civilization (and splashes of D&D), until late in the night with friends in the 80s.
In 2014, on moving to Hobart, he and his family found a group of like minded people at HoGS who enjoyed playing a variety of strategic and euro style games together. And his interest (and game shelf) has grown from there.  His passion is now to introduce this hobby to other people, and he is often seen teaching new players one of the many great games available today.  Current favourites would be Orleans, Lords of Waterdeep, Viticulture and Carcassone.  But he is always happy to try something new.

Andrew Reynolds – Vice President

Andrew ReynoldsAfter a lifetime of playing ‘standard’ card games such as 500, Hearts, Oh Hell and boardgames (Monoploy, Scrabble etc.) I was introduced to The Resistance: Avalon and I was hooked. Followed by Catan, Carcassonne and 7 Wonders. After growing my collection during 2016 I found HoGS at the end of the year and I have been enamoured since. Current favourites include Terraforming Mars, Codenames, The Grizzled, Star Realms and Friday.

Keith Kube – Treasurer

Contact: treasurer@hogs.org.au

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Patricia Mackenzie – Secretary

Contact: secretary@hogs.org.au

One of my earliest memories is playing Scrabble with my grandmother and aunts. In the 1980s I was a trivia geek. Until 2013, I didn’t know the games I love today — strategy games — existed. Now, my top game picks include pretty much anything Stonemaier, Dungeon Lords, Yedo, Terraforming Mars and Terra Mystica. So, yeah, kind of heavy games; but I’m happy to venture into other realms, and wholly supports others’ rights to play zombie or werewolf games.

Tessa Groenewold – Public Officer

Contact: publicofficer@hogs.org.au

Tessa grew up playing board games, but she knew nothing of strategy games until one fine weekend when she visited a local community market. A stall was handing out information about an organisation she knew nothing about, either – Hobart Games Society.

Fast forward a couple of years, and Tessa rediscovered the flyer that she’d brought home. She decided to give HoGS a go. Once she tried strategy games she never looked back, and has been a happy member of HoGS since it was a young club still in short pants.

These days when you find Tessa at HoGS, you’ll also discover her faithful deaf dog, Tango, who does not like to be without his human. He hasn’t quite figured out tabletop games yet, so mostly he just sleeps under the table, generously adding a touch of dogginess to the atmosphere. (Thanks, Tango!)

General Committee Members

Jon Bronston

gandalfSince the Dawn of Strategy Board Games in the 1970s, Jon the Grey has been an acolyte of the Eurogames sub-genre. He takes great pleasure in reading rules and learning new games, and will play any game once. (No guarantee of a second play if it doesn’t push the right buttons.) Jon enjoys introducing others, experienced gamers and neophytes alike, to the Mysteries of the Eurogame. These days, his favourite games include Grand Austria Hotel, NationsEl Grande, Gaia Project, Dungeon Lords, Yedo, and gateway games Blueprints and Taluva.

Andrew “Panda” Huxley

You could call me the classic game geek and I wouldn’t be offended. I’ve played video games as long as I can remember, pretty much from when I first could hold a controller and make it work for me. Strategy games weren’t something I was familiar with until I discovered HoGS several years ago, as a teenager. I quickly became interested in worker placement games and strategy card games, as it’s fun to find the synergies that can win the game. In my spare time, when not playing video or strategy tabletop games, I like to get into role-playing games.

Andrew Keane

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Martha Wells

Apart from Risk, I didn’t know strategy games existed until I moved to Vietnam, made friends with a German expat and was introduced to the usual gateway board game: Catan. After playing a lot of Catan with various expansions (Cities and Knights is pretty good, and the Oil scenario is excitingly apocalyptic) I joined a group called Board Games Saigon.
The board game group was a mix of Vietnamese and foreigners who met in cafes around Saigon. They introduced me to all sorts of games, often in the form of pirated Chinese copies because it was a process to get real copies of new games in Vietnam. Saboteur, Puerto Rico, San Juan, and Viticulture all came out often, but my greatest love became Cosmic Encounter. I played it over and over again, but with a new mix of aliens every time, the dynamics were always different.
When I moved to Hobart in 2016, I immediately joined HoGS and was introduced to a whole lot more games. My favourites now are still Cosmic Encounter, which is a masterpiece, but also Tigris & Euphrates, Twilight Imperium, Terra Mystica, and some games which don’t start with T, like Orléans and Splendor. I think the best games have fairly elegant rules but feel new every time because setup, player decisions and interactions all change your optimal strategy.