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HoGS is about every person who comes through the door at one of our regular meet-ups or special events. Our club is run by volunteers, including our Committee and others who regularly donate their time to see that the doors are open when scheduled, and closed accordingly, that free coffee and tea facilities are available, and more.

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Meet the 2020-21 Committee


Keith Kube – President

Keith Kube Covid Beard

Keith Kube, covid grooming intact

After many years of playing online games, I found myself wanting an evening of face to face games, and learning new games.  I have a certain preference for bluff games, and will often start an evening with a round of Coup and end it with Secret Hitler. I enjoy teaching games as well as playing them.  My biggest fault is that I am terrible at email so please cc the secretary

Contact: president@hogs.org.au, but please cc secretary@hogs.org.au

Andrew Reynolds – Vice President

Andrew ReynoldsAfter a lifetime of playing ‘standard’ card games such as 500, Hearts, Oh Hell and boardgames (Monoploy, Scrabble etc.) I was introduced to The Resistance: Avalon and I was hooked. Followed by Catan, Carcassonne and 7 Wonders. After growing my collection during 2016 I found HoGS at the end of the year and I have been enamoured since. Current favourites include Terraforming Mars, Codenames, The Grizzled, Star Realms and Friday.

Bernd Wechner – Treasurer

Bernd Wechner Raised playing family games, got into D&D in high school and role-playing through university years, an active member of the Wollongong University Simulation Games Society where we also explored quality board games for years. Much later, in Hobart, with a small collection of German games, started the HoGS winter games nights in 2004 from which the Hobart Games Society has grown. Pursued a special interest in competitive play and leaderboards, with the Hobart League of CoGs (Competitive Gamers) since 2014.

Contact: treasurer@hogs.org.au

Andrew Burge – Secretary

I have always enjoyed group games. From the moment I received Scotland Yard for Christmas and playing Squatter, Stock Market and Careers with the family. I enjoyed cards at school playing many hands of 500. I found DnD when I moved away from home and spent numerous weekends adventuring through virtual foreign lands. I have played a multitude of RPG systems from CORE to Cyberpunk, Vampire and Rolemaster. After being introduce to worker placement games and attending a game convention in Melbourne I was directed to the HOGS community and here I am now. I am always interest in trying a new game so meet me at a HoGS night and explore the world of board games.

Contact: secretary@hogs.org.au

Adam Walker – Public Officer

Adam Walker

With a boardgame and RPG passion going back to the late ’80s including fondly remembered sessions of Renegade Legion Interceptor, Space Hulk, 40k, Shadowrun, Jyhad (the first iteration of the Vampire card game) along with dozens more.

Like many others on the committee the appeal of computer games and other interests (…), meant there was a pretty long boardgame hiatus from the ’00s to early ’10s.

My go-to favourites are Dominion (strictly 1st edition core only), 7 Wonders Duel, Race for the Galaxy, Avalon. I freely acknowledge that I hate chess.

Although my studio is a digital production company we have branched out into developing and publishing boardgames, with the studio’s first successful KickStarter game back in 2013. Currently we are in the last throughs of prepping our latest (and greatest) game Reign Absolute to launch with our (digital) appearance at Spiel 2020.

Contact: publicofficer@hogs.org.au

General Committee Members

Cameron Allshorn

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 72672626_10217937644405496_5831853366426206208_o-1.jpgAn avid strategy gamer, My earliest gaming charts back to playing Canasta, 500 and of course the many, many sibling battles of Spit.

I was always itching to break out a board game and bugging my older siblings to join me, and then in adult life I found I didn’t have too because hey, there are heaps of cool people who also have an unhealthy addiction to placing meeples or rolling dice.

I moved to Hobart in 2018 and quickly searched “Hobart board game meet up” found HoGS and have been attending ever since. I think the first game I played at HoGS was a 4p Lords of Waterdeep!

My games of choice tend to include card drafting or worker placement, I enjoy games that allow for multiple strategies. My current favorites include; Terraforming Mars, Wingspan, Architects of the West Kingdom, Everdell and Betrayal at House on the Hill (and of course Catan, where as pictured I was able win a PAX weekend tournament!)

Andrew “Panda” Huxley

You could call me the classic game geek and I wouldn’t be offended. I’ve played video games as long as I can remember, pretty much from when I first could hold a controller and make it work for me. Strategy games weren’t something I was familiar with until I discovered HoGS several years ago, as a teenager. I quickly became interested in worker placement games and strategy card games, as it’s fun to find the synergies that can win the game. In my spare time, when not playing video or strategy tabletop games, I like to get into role-playing games.

Andrew Keane

I have been playing board and card games for as long as I can remember, starting with snap, canasta, Squatter, and Trouble in the 70s. I then discovered more complex and interesting games from the second edition of Cosmic Encounter to Squad Leader and other big wargames.

In the 80s, alongside seemingly everyone else, I played a lot of AD&D and even had the first edition of Warhammer before it was the behemoth it is now. Once computer games took off, I started to play more of them instead. 

In the last ten years I have rediscovered/remembered just how much more fun and social board-gaming is. I joined HoGs for the social aspects, not just the gaming and joined the committee six months later. I enjoy most games, from strategic euros, to thematic combative games but especially like big games that have multiple paths to victory. 

Martha Wells

Apart from Risk, I didn’t know strategy games existed until I moved to Vietnam, made friends with a German expat and was introduced to the usual gateway board game: Catan. After playing a lot of Catan with various expansions (Cities and Knights is pretty good, and the Oil scenario is excitingly apocalyptic) I joined a group called Board Games Saigon.
The board game group was a mix of Vietnamese and foreigners who met in cafes around Saigon. They introduced me to all sorts of games, often in the form of pirated Chinese copies because it was a process to get real copies of new games in Vietnam. Saboteur, Puerto Rico, San Juan, and Viticulture all came out often, but my greatest love became Cosmic Encounter. I played it over and over again, but with a new mix of aliens every time, the dynamics were always different.
When I moved to Hobart in 2016, I immediately joined HoGS and was introduced to a whole lot more games. My favourites now are still Cosmic Encounter, which is a masterpiece, but also Tigris & Euphrates, Twilight Imperium, Terra Mystica, and some games which don’t start with T, like OrlĂ©ans and Splendor. I think the best games have fairly elegant rules but feel new every time because setup, player decisions and interactions all change your optimal strategy.