Annual General Meeting – September 20th 2014

The AGM of the Hobart Games Society (HOGS) Inc will be held at 7pm on September 20th, at the Lenah Valley Community Hall. All are invited to attend, however only those who are financial members at the time of the meeting will be allowed to vote.

The major point of business at the meeting, apart from receiving reports from office holders, is the election of the Committee, including the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Public Officer.

To contest the election, a person who is a financial member needs to be nominated and seconded by two different financial members, and the nominee needs to accept the nomination. Nominations need to be received by 12th September, and can be sent to .

Please note this meeting is on during the HOGS game session, so we hope many of you can attend.

Any enquiries can be PM’d to me, or emailed to the secretary at the address above.

Mark Rickards
Public Officer

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