Hobart Winter Gamesfest

Saturday, 4 August, 10am – Sunday, 5 August, 5pm

Lenah Valley Community Hall, Creek Road

We hope to see you there!

Entry is by gold coin donation. Children are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult. 

Here’s what’s happening at HoGS WGF8 —

  • Click on the links to learn more about each game.
  • Scroll down for more information about how to join a Tournament, Game On! game or Learn to Play session and how to be eligible for the Door Prizes.
  • Game On! indicates a scheduled game ISO additional players. See the schedule for availability.
  • Check out our Used Games Sales Table for a great bargain, and/or bring games of your own to sell that no longer make it to the table.
  • The Games Library is open to all. We only ask that you return the game in the same condition as you found it.
  • The Games Match-maker is available for you to post a game you want to play, or to add your name to a game that is offered.
  • Check at the front desk if you want to learn a specific game — we might be able to help you find somebody to teach it.
  • Look for our volunteers in the yellow vests if you have a question, or pick up a brochure from the front check-in desk.


10 am HoGS Winter Gamesfest 8 begins
10 am Game On!  Twilight Imperium 4
Game full, accepting names for a waitlist.
11 am Learn to Play: Solo Games designed for 1 player
Onirim, One Deck Dungeon, Friday, Mini Rogue & more
this session will run again on Sunday
11 am Learn to Play: Splendor
12 noon Tournaments: Splendor for advanced players or those new to the game
12-2 pm Lunch (vegetarian options available)
1 pm Tournament series: Reign Absolute
This is a series of separate 4-player mini-tournaments, played sequentially, not simultaneously.
2:30 pm Learn to Play & Tournament: Town Squares
3 pm Game On! Dead of Winter: Warring Colonies
Still room for a few players
4 pm GRAND DOOR PRIZE, sponsored by Adam Walker Studio
4 pm Learn to Play: Lords of Waterdeep
5:30-7pm Dinner (vegetarian options available)
7 pm Game On! Dominant Species
Looking for 2-3 players
7 pm The Hobart League of Competitive Gamers monthly meet-up
12 midnight WGF Lock-InYou may leave, but may not re-enter the hall until 6 am Sunday morning.



6 am Doors Open
7 am Breakfast (vegetarian option available)
10 am Tournament: Button Men
10 am Learn to Play: Solo Games designed for 1 player
Onirim, One Deck Dungeon, Friday, Mini Rogue & more
see links above
12 noon $$ SUNDAY DOOR PRIZE $$
12-2 pm Lunch (vegetarian options available)
1 pm Learn to Play: Viticulture
2:30 pm Tournament: Cat Box
5 pm HoGS WGF8 ends – See you at the game tables!



What’s this I hear about Door Prizes?

DOOR PRIZE ELIGIBILITY: You must have registered your name and email address/phone number at the Check-in Desk, but you need not be present to win, except for the Grand Door and Lock-in Prizes.

Eight $20 door prizes will be awarded. Two each for Area 52, Good Games BattleAxe & Good Games Hobart are sponsored by HoGS; two for Beserk Online Pop Culture Store are sponsored by Beserk.

GRAND DOOR PRIZE. YOU MUST BE PRESENT AND ELIGIBLE TO WIN a Wacom Intuos small pen tablet. Sponsored by Adam Walker Studio.

How do I enter a tournament?

Our tournaments are open to all. Simply sign in at the front desk, and pay the gold coin entrance fee.

A brief Learn to Play session is held before each tournament and the games are easy to learn. Most tournaments are two rounds, with the winners in the first games going on to the final competition and prize.

Please explain ‘Game On!’

When someone is keen to bring a game to the table, then WGF is the place to bring it!

There are two ways in which to host a Game On! The first is by scheduling it ahead of time. The second is to fill out a Games Match-maker form (available at the front desk), indicating the game, the time to play and other details.

What if I want to learn a new game?

There are a couple of ways to do this. First, you can discuss it with one of our volunteers. There’s often somebody who’s happy to teach a game. We also offer formal learning sessions of popular games. You can sign up for these at the Front Desk.

Who are your ‘special exhibitors’?

Game designers and representatives include Adam Walker Studio, Maedi Prichard, and Alex Talbot of Cheapass Games.

Maedi Prichard will showcase his latest game in development, GIFT. A fast and fun party/word game for 2-6 players, you’ll have the opportunity to playtest it and provide feedback. You can find out more about Maedi and his projects at maedi.com.

The Hobart League of Competitive Gamers (CoGs) meet each month to play games, with results logged in on-going leaderboards. So, yes, they’re competitive – but they also have a lot of fun and the games they play are often found at HoGS nights as well.

Visit their table, check out the pre-release leaderboard management site, and read why they value competition so much in tabletop game play (you might be surprised).

Everyone is invited to join in their Saturday-night games and, yes, the results will go on their leaderboards!

Contact the Competitive Gamers via email: competitive.gamers.hobart@gmail.com or find them on FB @CoGsLeagueHobart.