Hobart Winter Gamesfest

HoGS seventh annual wintertime weekend-long games extravaganza in 2017 is on 5-6 August. Following on from our usual First Friday night playing games at Lenah Valley Community Hall, 22 Creek Road, on Saturday-Sunday we’ll be taking over the entire building and hosting fun and games for 31 additional hours! More information about food, special exhibits, door prizes and more can be found below the schedule.

Saturday, 5 August

10 am             HoGS Seventh Annual Winter Gamesfest begins

11 am             Splendor teaching game

12 noon          Splendor Tournaments                 More information   Sign up    

12 noon         The Winds of Winter II Tournament                More information

12-2 pm         Lunch – Selection of soups and rolls (vegetarian available)

2:30 pm         $$ Door Prize Drawing $$

2:30 pm         Town Squares Tournament        More information      Sign up

4 pm              Scythe teaching game                  More information      Sign up

5:30-7pm       Dinner – Selection of hot dishes (vegetarian available)

6 pm              Star Wars Destiny Tournament                     More information

8 pm              $$ Door Prize Drawing $$

8 pm              Two Rooms and a Boom                                 More information
                      Hosted by The Dice Men, come join in the fun!

12 midnight  WGF LOCK-IN – You may leave the hall, but may not re-enter until 6 am Sunday morning. The back room will become a bunkhouse overnight.

Sunday, 6 August

2 am              $$ Lock-in Prize Drawing $$ – Must be present to win!

4 am              $$ Lock-in Prize Drawing $$ – Must be present to win!

6 am              DOORS OPEN

7-9 am           Breakfast – Egg/bacon/sausage rolls (vegetarian available)

8-11 am         Barista

9 am              $$ Door Prize Drawing $$

12-2 pm         Lunch – Sausage sizzle & salad (vegetarian available)

1:30 pm         $$ Door Prize Drawing $$

1:30 pm         Doughnut Drive-Thru Tournament More information      Sign up

5 pm              Winter Gamesfest 7 ends – See you next year!

Are you new to strategy board games (think ‘Risk on steroids’)? This is your perfect opportunity to escape the winter’s chill and explore the many varieties of strategy games available. HoGS members bring a huge number of their own games to WGF, and we’re more than happy to let you borrow one — or teach you how to play!

Special events:

Our WGF wizards are busily planning events that will tie in nicely with two days of playing games. These include —

  • trade table — bring your old games to sell or trade
  • an opportunity to meet the designer and playtest Delivery Duck, a fun family game soon to be released on Kickstarter
  • raffles held right round the clock — you need not be present to win a daytime draw
  • information and representatives from Competitive Gamers Hobart and the Hobart Chess Club
  • meals available on site and information on cafes/takeaways nearby
  • and more

A gold coin contribution to help cover the costs of running the event is appreciated.

Children are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult.

We hope to see you at Winter Gamesfest!