Sushi Go! Tournament at Winter Gamesfest 2016

Sushi GoSushi Go! Tournament

Learning the Game
1 pm Sunday, 21 August

2 pm Sunday, 21 August

Sushi Go! is a great and quick little game for players as young as 6 but, like Splendor, it can still be enjoyed by adults, too.

Sushi Go! is a card drafting game, meaning that players choose a card from the hand they’ve been dealt, then pass the other cards to the next player whilst they receive a different set of cards from the player on their other side.

Each kind of sushi offers different benefits. Do you want wasabi with that? Will you be able to acquire enough sashimi? And the dumplings are just plain cute!

At WGF we’ll be hosting a Sushi Go! teaching game, followed by a tournament. Entry in the tournament is by gold coin donation on the day, and the winner will take home a copy of Sushi Go!

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