Stonemaier games at Winter Gamesfest 2016


Stonemaier games

4 pm Saturday, 20 August

Stonemaier games are popular amongst HoGS members, and with good reason. Carefully thought out, well balanced and with solid themes, each game presents a great gameplay.

The three strategy games all carry varying worker placement/resource management opportunities. Viticulture and its expansion Tuscany are set in pre-modern Tuscany, where players plant vineyards and grow grapes to make wine and sell it — but of course there’s a lot more to the game than that!

Euphoria is set in and around a futuristic urban dystopia, where players vie for resources and area control whilst hoping to ensure their workers don’t become too aware of their unfortunate circumstances — or the workers just might stop working and you don’t want that!

Scythe is the newest release. Here, action takes place in a sort of Steampunk 1920s Eastern Europe where five factions are vying for area control in the aftermath of a great war. The most interactive of the three games, it also offers the most variability of play, as players seek ways to optimise their faction’s unique abilities, coupled with the individual strengths of the worker mat.

Our problem here at HoGS is deciding which of the games to play! We’d welcome the opportunity to introduce all of them to you at WGF — all you have to do is decide which you would like to learn. Click here to register your interest.