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To get in contact with a member of the committee you can either turn up to one of our events listed on our calendar and Facebook group and approach one of the committee members (listed below) or you can email us at Some committee members can also be reached directly by email, and these addresses are listed under the appropriate names below. If you would like to get a feel for what HoGS is about (what types of games we play etc.) you can also head over to our Facebook group to join in the discussion with members there. The Hobart Games Society is overseen by a committee consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, a Public Officer and four ordinary members. The present committee introduces itself below.


Patricia Mackenzie – President


One of Patricia’s earliest memories is playing ScrabbleIMG_0609_1 with her grandmother and aunts. In the 1980s she was a trivia geek. But until 2013, she didn’t even know Strategy Board Games existed. Now, she’s starting her third year at the head of the HoGS helm. HoGS nights will find Trish at a table playing as many games as possible, old and new. Her current favourites are Scythe, Dungeon Lords, Yedo, Viticulture and Terra Mystica. So she’s a Eurogamer for sure, but she’s happy to venture into other realms every now and then, and wholly supports others’ rights to play zombie games.

Greg Downes – Vice President

Watch this space!

Christina Chiavassa – Treasurer


Christine has enjoyed playing games all her life, starting with the usual suspects – Monopoly, Scrabble, card games of all kinds, Trivial Pursuit etc. Then 4 years ago she discovered HoGS and fell in love on the first evening !!! So many games !! So many interesting and fun games !! After every HoGS night for almost the first year, you would find her on the internet late that night, looking for the game she had played that she most enjoyed that evening.Her game collection has grown to fill an entire cupboard that takes pride of place in her lounge room. Louis XIV is still one of her favourites (Thanks Jon – the first of anything is always special) as well as Carcassonne and El Grande and Tigris & Euphrates and Samurai and Stone Age and Kingsburg and Small World and too many more to name. In fact she doesn’t think she’s played a game yet that she hasn’t enjoyed !!  Christine is always ready with a welcoming smile to teach new games to beginners and newbies and also enjoys getting her teeth into a ‘hard core’ game. Gather, Laugh, Play – it’s all good !

Georgie Woodward – Secretary


Georgie grew up playing countless board games and card games such as Cluedo, Risk, 500 and even the odd Monopoly game. It wasn’t until about 2010 when a family member brought home Pandemic that she discovered how truly awesome they could be! Georgie found out about HoGS via a friend in 2012 and has been hooked ever since – barely missing a meeting! Her games collection grew very quickly to include the likes of Kingdom Builder, 7 Wonders, Puerto Rico, Archipelago, Love Letter and The Resistance: Avalon as well as her own copy of Pandemic (with all the expansions)! In her spare time, Georgie enjoys reading, spending time with her cats (fully admitting she is somewhat of a crazy cat lady…) and when the weather and time allow it; nothing quite beats skiing down white powdery slopes.

Tessa Groenewold – Public Officerbrave


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Ordinary Committee Members

Jon Bronston

gandalfSince the Dawn of Strategy Board Games in the 1970s, Jon the Grey has been an acolyte of the Eurogames genre. He takes great pleasure in reading rules and learning new games, and will play any game once. (No guarantee of a second play if it doesn’t push the right buttons.) Jon enjoys introducing others, experienced gamers and neophytes alike, to the Mysteries of the Eurogame. His favourite games at the current time are Dungeon Lords, El Grande, Terra Mystica, Suburbia and the oldie-but-goodie, Hare and Tortoise.

Nicholas Calabria



Glen Mackintosh



Paul McClarron